T  H  E    O  N  E    W  O  R  L  D    P  R  O  J  E  C  T  

What is the project?

The One World Project is a series of large mixed media portraits  created with a combination of linoleum block, acrylic and metal leaf on handmade Japanese paper.  

It is also a multi-dimensional event to take place in 2021-2022 including three exhibitions of the "One World" artwork, educational displays describing the medium, workshops to share the art of relief printmaking, and a collaborative relationship with a regional refugee organization.


Mission Statement


The message I seek to communicate is that our similarities and common ground as human beings are much greater than our differences. I believe the labels we attach can separate us and divide us. During the opening reception of each exhibition - one in Annapolis, Maryland, one in Baltimore, and another elsewhere in the area - participants will be encouraged to meet and engage with each other. Often our fear of the unknown - someone who looks, believes, dresses, loves or worships differently from ourselves - keeps us from getting to know them. Yet, a strange and wonderful thing occurs when we begin to talk. The divide lessens, and we truly begin to understand and love each other.

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